Pioneering Initiative

Subject to adequate resources, 'Help 4 All' is intended to take a lead role.

This is with advancements in Life-related issue-resolution.

The ideal is to provide both commercial and charitable options.

It is part of a wider Legacy commitment.

The Legacy commitment is being founded by Derek Whittall.

His aim is to improve all Life-related issues.

Whilst still in development, a UK Launch is intended in 2022.

To ensure this, additional resources are needed.

These can be in the form of Grants, Benefaction, Sponsorship, Loans and Investments.

Additionally, development income is being generated from Sales.

The sales can be from both Client requirements and disposals of unwanted items.

The disposals are being led by 'H4a Boost'

Other specific starting points include:

Overall application: 'Derek Whittall'

Advice-output sources: 'The Consultancies'

Interested in contributing? 'To Help'

For Membership: 'To Register'


For the widest selection of initial Start-points to this unique initiative, please select: 'Key Links'.